6 Haircuts To Compliment Your Face Shape

Have you ever spent hours scouring the internet only to find that “perfect hairstyle” you chose doesn’t look the same on you? Well, you are not alone. The key to a perfect haircut is the shape of your face. The question is, how do you know which shape fits your face? Once you know there are only 6 to choose from, it makes recognizing your face shape that much easier.

6 Haircuts To Compliment Your Face Shape

First, you’ll need to push the hair away from your face using an elastic hairbow or headband. Make sure the forehead is exposed and all hair is behind the ears. Now that you have a full view of your face, here are the 6 face shapes and haircuts to compliment them.

1. Oval

If your forehead is only slightly wider than your chin, you have an oval-shaped face. Your chin should be rounded but should not meet with the roundness of your cheeks. With this face shape, you’ll be able to pull off pretty much any hairstyle. Leave it long or cut it short, your possibilities are endless. 

2. Round

If your cheeks are noticeably rounded and blend with the roundness of your chin, you have a round-shaped face. People with this face shape should steer clear of bobs or any haircut that is all one length. Layers will be your new best friend. Since your face is more rounded and the jawline is absent, you’ll need to elongate your face with long/medium length hair and side swept bangs.

3. Square 

If your jawline is prominent and your chin is squared, you have a square-shaped face. Just like the name, your face should resemble the shape of a square with sharp angles. Anyone with this face shape should stay away from haircuts that end at the jawline. It will make your facial features harsher when they should be softened. Try a longer look with short layers that curtains around the face. If your hair is shorter, try adding more texture. 

4. Oblong

If you have a longer face with slightly rounded features, you have an oblong-shaped face. Most will confuse this with the round-shaped face, but the key thing to look for is the length of the face and the narrowness of the chin. just like with the round-shaped face, the jawline is less noticeable. The best way to highlight this feature is with plenty of volume. It’s all about layers and length with this look. You can add as many or as little layers as you want, as long as the volume is there.  

5. Heart

If you have a wider forehead and a more narrow jaw/chin, you have a heart-shaped face. Think of the shape of a heart and compare it to the shape of your face. Shorter, fuller hair will best suit this face shape. Add fringed, side-swept bangs to take the attention away from the forehead and accentuate the lower portion of the face. 

6. Diamond

If your forehead and jawline is more narrow than the cheekbones, you have a diamond-shaped face. With this face shape, you can go for that bobbed look. Your bob should come to the chin or, if you don’t want to go that short, a straight across, shoulder-length cut will be just as flattering. 

Now that you have the basics down, book an appointment at Shelly’s Day Spa & Salon or contact us and have their stylists help you find that perfect haircut. 

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