Hyperpigmentation: Hard To Say, Easy To Treat

Our body produces a pigment called melanin, which adds color to our skin, eyes, and hair. Under normal conditions, our body distributes melanin evenly on our skin. But due to injuries, sun damage, healed acne scars, and just simple aging, “hyper-pigmentation” occurs.

Hyperpigmentation: Hard To Say, Easy To Treat

Hyperpigmentation refers to unsightly dark spots on our skin. These spots occur because melanin produced by our bodies is not evenly distributed for the reasons mentioned above. Hyperpigmentation is more prone to occur where exposure is highest to UV light (the face and the back of the hands). Those who have darker skin are more likely to experience it also.

It’s Best To Ask A Skincare Professional

As with all health matters, a self-diagnosis could be dangerous. What we think is hyperpigmentation may be a more serious skin issue. Always consult the professionals in matters of skincare.

How To Deal With Hyperpigmentation      

Many have found success through Hydra Facial. This is a professionally handled treatment for various skin issues, including hyperpigmentation. Hydra Facial requires as little as 30 minutes. Clients notice results instantly, with no irritation. And it is perfect for all skin types.

The soothing process removes impurities and dead skin cells, while at the same time adding serums to moisturize and hydrate the skin. And as a bonus, Hydra Facial is excellent for dealing with wrinkles and congested skin. Satisfied clients often have the treatment performed about once a month.

When it comes to skincare issues like hyperpigmentation, or any day spa and salon services, just contact us for professional assistance!

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