Four Best Skincare Ingredients that Reduce Hyperpigmentation

Are you struggling with hyperpigmentation? If so, you’re not alone. According to the International Dermal Institute, 5 million Americans suffer from Melasma, which is a common form of hyperpigmentation. Below we will discuss our four best skincare ingredients that reduce hyperpigmentation.

Four Best Skincare Ingredients that Reduce Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is simply a patch of skin that is darker than the surrounding skin. These spots can vary in size, and they are typically caused by a variety of things, such as acne, pregnancy and over exposure to the sun.

While discoloration on your skin is frustrating, it can be treated. The key to clearing up hyperpigmentation is picking skincare with the right ingredients. Here are four of the best ingredients to look for to lighten your skin: 

1. Vitamin C 

Many of us drink our vitamin c with a morning cup of orange juice, but this potent ingredient can also be applied topically to lighten dark spots on your skin. 

Ascorbic acid is the most common form of vitamin c found in skincare. This acid protects your skin from the elements, creating a brighter and younger-looking complexion. 

2. Retinoids 

Retinoids increase cell turnover, which can help exfoliate the skin and fade dark spots more quickly. There are some retinoids that can be bought over the counter, but if your case of hyperpigmentation is more serious, consider visiting dermatologist. Your doctor will prescribe a more concentrated retinol that can deliver faster results. 

Retinoids can dry your skin out, so make sure you are using a moisturizer daily to keep your skin soft and supple. 

3. Glycolic Acid 

Similar to vitamin C and retinoids, glycolic acid is a chemical exfoliant that smooths and brightens the skin. This acid works by helping your skin exfoliate and regenerate to bring a brighter layer of skin to the surface. 

4. SPF 

Sun protection is critical when you’re trying to treat hyperpigmentation for two main reasons. First, SPF protects your skin from sun exposure, and prevents new spots from coming to the surface. Second, many ingredients that lighten the skin can also make your skin more sensitive to the sun. So make sure you’re reaching for a moisturizer with at least SPF30 everyday. 

If you’re struggling with hyperpigmentation, don’t wait to start treatment. Contact us today to get started with a custom treatment program. 

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