Massage Modalities for the Modern Woman

What Different Massage Modalities are Offered? 

When people hear the word massage, they often only picture one type. The most common is the Swedish massage which is often times chosen for relaxation purposes. This tends to be a popular modality, but there are other types of massage to be aware of. For example, if you’re active or work out regularly, you might prefer a deep tissue massage which targets your muscles with a firmer, deeper touch and focuses on pressure points. This specific style helps increase and enhance circulation to areas in the body that might have tightened up during an exercise routine. 

Massage Modalities for the Modern Woman

Another modality that’s more common is reflexology. This foot treatment targets areas on the bottom of your feet, while each area corresponds with another place within the body. It can often be included as an add-on or be the chosen treatment. Reflexology is incredibly relaxing, and because your massage therapist uses firm pressure, you don’t have to worry about being ticklish. Many people are concerned of this, and are often surprised what an amazing and soothing experience this can be.

Other types of massage include things such as adding heating elements. A hot stone massage uses preheated stones that are placed on certain areas of your body. This increased heat helps melt the muscle and offers a soothing aspect. As your muscles relax from the added heat, it makes it easier for the therapist to work those muscles thoroughly. This is incredibly popular for good reason, not only does it offer a great experience, it feels amazing.

Is There Another Option for a Unique Experience?

One particular type of massage that’s becoming more popular is the Lomi Lomi massage. This is a Hawaiian traditional massage that seeks to bring balance and energy to your treatment. At Shelly’s Day Spa and Salon, you’ll find massage therapists trained in this unique modality, offering you an experience that will both delight and relax you. 

No matter what kind of massage you’re looking for, you’ll find a wide assortment of massage modalities at Shelly’s Day Spa and Salon. Be sure to include a hot oil scalp massage or aromatherapy for an extra special touch. To book an appointment, contact us today.

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