3 Easy Steps Towards Perfecting Your Makeup Routine

Makeup isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. By finessing your makeup routine you can minimize the stress that goes into getting ready, whether it’s for a night out with your girls or a high-anxiety event where you have to look “perfect”.  Regardless of the reason, at Shelley’s Day Spa and Salon, we are here to help you highlight the beauty of an already existing masterpiece (contact us today to talk, we would love to have you!).

Follow these three steps and begin making your life look how it feels: glamorous.

3 Easy Steps Towards Perfecting Your Makeup Routine

Step One

While makeup is a physical change, the first step is a metaphysical one. Let go of your fears and anxieties about makeup and just be. There is no perfection besides your excellence, which you achieve just by being you. Your makeup look, regardless if you’re going for dramatic or understated, is about showcasing your preexisting loveliness. Begin where you need to begin. For me, the best secret I ever learned when it comes to doing makeup at home is to have the proper moisturizers. That’s my first step, as a person with eczema, because it can be hard to make my makeup look good especially when I have dry skin on my face. In order to be confident daily I moisturize daily, using face lotions with SPF. Small steps when it comes to makeup is key — only do what you are comfortable doing.

Step Two

After I moisturize, I skip right into filling in my eyebrows. I don’t personally use foundation as it clogs my pores too much. I like to use cruelty-free and sometimes vegan brands, so I currently use ELF which is a drugstore brand. Step two of perfecting your makeup routine is to use products that you are comfortable and confident using. Due to my personal politics I like to stay with certain brands because it makes my makeup feel good not just look good. More than half of wearing makeup is learning that the confidence comes from within, and the snatched brows and popping highlight are embellishments to the facade of your being. You do you boo; just be comfy.

Step Three

After you complete your look, the key is to be proud of yourself. The blusher on your face and the smokey eye are things that you created. You gave birth to more art in this world. In doing your makeup, you claim your body for yourself, and shout that to every person that sees you. You are a gift and have been given the gift to do your own makeup. Step three is about acknowledging your own beauty and power and demonstrating that through your personal confidence. If you don’t see the power of your natural beauty, step three is hard to do. We shouldn’t use makeup to make us feel beautiful, but to wear in proud recognition of our beauty.

Oh, also, if you haven’t heard it today: you are miraculous. Call us today!

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