3 Ways a Visit to the Salon Can Save Your Hair Postpartum

Whether it’s your first born or your fourth, it is very common for women to experience hair loss. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, postpartum hair loss isn’t permanent, or even true hair loss; but rather ‘excessive shedding’. While this might be comforting it still doesn’t solve the problem at hand: How do I stop all of this hair from falling out? In truth you may not be able to until all of those lovely hormones have leveled off. On a positive note, taking the time to visit a salon such as this one, Shelley’s Day Spa and Salon, will not only give you a much needed baby break, it will also give you the opportunity to find a few helpful hints on keeping your hair looking healthier and fuller. Below are three tips to discuss with your stylist:

3 Ways a Visit to the Salon Can Save Your Hair Postpartum

Check your products

In my experience, after having a baby it’s easy to lose track of time or to shorten certain tasks (like those long showers) in order to make more time for, well, baby. New babies are sweet and vulnerable and require a lot of work. For any mom it’s easy to throw all of that hair into a messy bun and forget about it for a day or two (or four). If this is the case try asking your stylist to point you in the direction of their favorite products that will offer a deep clean without stripping your hair completely. You’re looking for products that are used to build volume or to give that ever-popular untamed beach wave look, this way your hair will feel cleaner longer and appear fuller until it grows in again.

Find a cut

Stylists are the masters of illusion. Their job is to find a haircut that fits each client individually or to tailor a desired haircut to fit their client. They will be able to troubleshoot haircuts with you that can make your routine quicker, make your face appear slimmer (it can take some time to work off that newly acquired baby weight), and make your hair appear thicker. A shorter style with bangs is a popular go-to in order to hide the fine hairs that are ever-so-desperately trying to grow back. If you’re more interested in keeping your long locks it’s still a good idea to at least get a trim (and maybe some volume building layers) to keep your hair looking healthy.

Keep the style low-damage

For those of you that prefer to not cut off all of that long and beautiful pregnancy hair, which was grown with nine months of hard work and prenatal vitamins, take the time to talk with your stylist about low-damage hairstyles. The at home blowouts and straightening pull and stress even the healthiest of hair, while the constant ponytails and messy buns leave your hair prone to breakage. Your stylist will love to show you ways to switch it up and can offer ideas on loose braids, wrapped buns, or other varieties of styles. This will not only make you feel better with a fun or classy hairstyle, it will also make your hair feel better.

Having a baby is hard work, postpartum anything is hard work, but feeling good about yourself doesn’t have to be. Asking your significant other, mother, best friend, or babysitter to take care of baby for a little while so that you can make a trip to the salon will do your hair, and your psyche, so many favors. To set yourself up for feeling fabulous contact us today!

“Never underestimate the power of a good hair day” – Unknown.

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