Massage Services are Available at our Lake Road, Belton Location.

60min Massage

A personalized, relaxing full body massage.  This will provide general therapeutic attention to all parts of the body or specific attention to a few focus areas.  The benefits are relief of aches and pains, decreased stress levels, enhanced mental clarity and can provide greater flexibility.

90min Massage

A relaxing full body massage, as well as detailed attention to specific focus areas.  This type of bodywork can provide you enough time to settle your thoughts and clear your mind, while simultaneously encourage relaxation, put muscles at ease and promote other therapeutic benefits.

120min Massage

A relaxing  full body Swedish massage that is tailored to the guests specific needs.  Your mind has extended time to enter and remain in a state of deep relaxation.  This soothing massage takes you to a new level of stress reduction.  The benefits include increased circulation, increased supply of nutrients and oxygen to the muscle, softened facia, decreased muscle tension and restored mobility by decreasing adhesion.

Pre-Natal Massage

Reduce Stress
Decrease swelling in arms, legs, back and joints
Helps Reduce anxiety and supports emotional stability
Helps to bring body back into balance

Body Additions

  • Warm Stone 
  • Deep Tissue 
  • Hot Oil Scalp Massage 
  • Aromatherapy 
  • Foot Treatment (Treat/Massage with warm stones)

Cupping Massage

Suction cups are applied to problem areas. This helps to detoxify the body, promotes healthy blood flow and healing, helps with muscular and joint flexibility, and breaks up tight fascia & even scar tissue. Great for athletes and anyone wanting to experience general well-being.