How a Trip to the Day Spa Can Change Your Skincare Routine Forever

Strong beauty and self-care routines involve skin care. Whether you work downtown, have a hectic schedule during the steamy summer months, or are regularly out in the sun, your unique skin may have a build-up of dead skin, toxins, and oils that even the most diligent daily skin care routines need help with. Facials are a great, relaxing way to deep clean and repair your skin while learning more about your specific skin type and what products are best for you And the best part of a trip to the day spa isn’t just the trip itself and the rejuvenating effect on your skin: it’s the experience and the knowledge you walk away with.

How a Trip to the Day Spa Can Change Your Skincare Routine Forever

What will you leave the day spa with?

You will leave your facial feeling totally rejuvenated and with the right skin care products to keep your skin healthy and nourished during even the hot summer months. And whether you leave with another facial scheduled or not, you will also take with you professional advice for a perfectly tailored at-home skin care routine that will keep your face healthy, clean, and ready for anything. The best skin care happens at home and is part of your daily routine.

Most estheticians will recommend a particular type of moisturizer based on your skin type and lifestyle, but they will all recommend that you keep your skin well-moisturized with a lotion or cream. They will also stress the importance of sunscreen. Whether it’s summer or winter, whether you spend most of your day in an office or you’re going outdoors, the sun is still hitting your skin, and preventing UV damage and irritation is critical for keeping your skin healthy.

If you have more questions about different services that are offered as part of a facial, or want to schedule a facial with us, please contact Shelley’s Day Spa & Salon here.

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