4 Tips for Flawless Fall Makeup

The leaves are falling, but that doesn’t mean your makeup look has to fall flat! Here are some tips for keeping your makeup flawless this fall season:

4 Tips for Flawless Fall Makeup

Fall Palettes 

Fall is all about the colors. The trees are awash with deep reds, oranges, and purples this time of year; try incorporating some into your look! Now is the perfect time to play around with eyeshadow. Rich, dark colors are in season, and will help your eyes stand out during autumn escapades. 

Bold Lips

The time for glossy summer lips is over. Make your lips pop with a classic red or berry lip, or stand out with intense shades like orange and black! Pair your bold lip with a matching eye for a cool monochromatic look, or keep your eyes neutral to emphasize your lipstick. Just make sure to use lip liner, as it’s difficult to correct the edges of an imprecise bold lip. 

Prep for the Weather

This time of year, it’s colder and windier. However, it’s easy to forget how that can affect your makeup look. Harsh winds can make eyes teary and wet, so if you’re going outside, it may be a good idea to arm yourself with waterproof mascara. If you struggle with redness, make sure to prime your foundation and set it with powder. It also may be a good idea to skip the blush—the wind will provide it for you!

Stay Moisturized

That crisp fall air has a downside—it’s often quite dry. No matter how you apply your makeup, if your skin is dry, your look will suffer. Make sure to prep your skin before application with plenty of moisturizer. It’ll help you maintain that healthy summer glow. 

If you need more tips or are interested in getting your fall look applied professionally, contact us to schedule an appointment!

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