Rejuvenate With The Massage That’s Perfect For You

Have you heard about how many health benefits you can get from a massage, especially in terms of reducing the number of stress hormones in your body? One of the unique strengths of a massage is that it’s able to support discomfort when drugs aren’t an option for whatever reason. Rejuvenate with the massage that’s perfect for you.

Rejuvenate With The Massage That's Perfect For You

Come and Experience Real Relief to Help You Feel Normal Again

After you sink into one of our extra-soft massage tables, you can enjoy whichever type of massage you prefer. Our additional experience in prenatal massage helps us cater to women’s needs too. Choose from:

  •  Swedish massage
  •  deep-tissue massage
  •  restorative massage
  •  prenatal massage
  •  warm stone massage
  •  hot-oil scalp massage
  •  aromatherapy massage
  •  foot treatments 

I can hear some of you wondering, “Wait a minute. How do I know which type of massage is better?”

 Deep Tissue vs. Swedish Massage

All of our massages generally use either more Swedish or deep-tissue massage practices. Swedish massage is a traditional, full-body massage style involving lots of long, gentle strokes. Therapists usually work with lotion or a light oil. If you prefer a more intense massage, you might prefer deep-tissue work since that technique focuses more on the inner connective tissues and knots. These tight areas can come from old injuries or even overused joints.

The best part is that any of these modalities can help you become so deeply de-stressed that it’s like your body has melted into a puddle of bliss on the table, and you may even walk out feeling as if the world is a beautiful place again.

Contact us today to get that much-needed massage you’ve been waiting for.

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