Stay Radiant: 6 Tips for Fall Skincare

With the changing of the seasons from dry or humid air to cooler and potentially windy conditions, it’s a good time to prepare your skin for those changes. Some people with more sensitive skin can experience immediate changes in their tone and radiance, with the cooling temperatures. While you may have dedicated your summer to hydrating and managing a proper SPF regimen, it may be time to change things up for your Fall skincare routine. Here are five tips to keeping that radiant look and feel through the Fall months ahead.

Stay Radiant: 6 Tips for Fall Skincare


Continue your application of hydrating supplements, whether it be elastin or aloe. Nourish your skin with essential oils or consider aloe as your skin naturally exfoliates.

Lip & Eye Moisturizers

Pay extra attention to your eyes and lips this season. You can use serums and balms to help protect against the changing temperatures and potential damages to wind exposure.


As the fall air loses humidity, you may want to invest in a home humidifier through the Fall and Winter months. The added moisture in the air translates to increased moisture to your skin.

Thicker Moisturizers

During the summer months, you may typically stick with lighter applications of lotions and moisturizers. For the Fall, try a heavier and thicker version of your favorite creams. They’ll last longer and hold up for ongoing protection from the elements.

Body Lotions

Don’t just adjust your routine for facial skincare. Keep your whole body moisturized and combat dry and cracked skin with body lotions.

Cuticle Oils

You may be donning your favorite sweaters and breaking out the Fall jackets, but your hands will have increased exposure to the wind and changing temperatures. In addition to adding hand lotions, take extra care of your cuticles with oils this Fall.

As you change out your wardrobe this Fall, don’t forget to revisit your skin routine. For more tips on Fall and Winter skincare advice, contact us!

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