Tired of Traditional Waxing? Try Body Sugaring

If you have heard of sugaring, you might be skeptical. While it may sound like warm sugar will result in a sticky mess, it’s actually one of the safer, longer lasting hair removal techniques- and it’s been in practice longer than you might think.

Tired of Traditional Waxing? Try Body Sugaring

So, What Is It?

Body sugaring is not just a new trend. This ancient practice originates in Persia around 1900 BC. You may want to consider it next time you visit the salon. Compared to traditional waxing, sugaring causes less irritation. It will give a boost to your skin tone and as an added benefit, can prevent ingrown hair growth in the future. It works on all skin types, so you won’t have to worry if it’s right for you.

Where Can You Get it Done?

Have a pesky chin hair? Are you tired of taming your unruly flyaway brows? Sugaring can be applied almost anywhere you need it. Legs, arms, bikinis, and more!

Does it Hurt?

It should not cause you unnecessary pain. Our wax is used at body temperature, is not uncomfortably hot, and will not burn your skin. In the sugaring process, hair is pulled out in the direction your hair grows naturally, and not against it. This combined with our paste’s ability to lubricate the hair shaft and root should result in a more comfortable experience for you.


  • Gentle on every part of your skin
  • Lasts longer than other hair removal methods
  • Removes ingrown hairs
  • Tried and true method that has been around for millennia
  • Will not cause burning or scarring


  • If done incorrectly, can lead to irritation
  • May still be painful, depending on your pain tolerance
  • Can still be messy if done by an inexperienced person

Let us take the worry out of your sugaring experience. Call us today!

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