Finding Your Ideal Makeup Style: 4 Questions to Ask

Makeup is a fun and enjoyable tool many women love.  However, with some many styles and brands available, finding just the right shade and products is often a challenge. However, ask yourself just a few questions can greatly simplify your search.  Nothing boosts a women’s confidence level more than finding their ideal makeup shade and style!  

Finding Your Ideal Makeup Style: 4 Questions to Ask

What’s My Favorite Facial Feature?

For some women, their eyes are their favorite feature.  However, other women prize their unique, lush lips.  Makeup styles and shades vary greatly depending on facial shape and features.  Ideally, the perfect makeup style should draw attention to these special features and emphasize them above the others. 

What’s My Skin Tone?

There are thousands of unique makeup shades available; however, there are just as many individual skin tones and textures. When a woman pairs her specific skin type with just the right lipstick shade or foundation tone, her makeup highlights her natural beauty without appearing superficial or showy.  

What’s My Favorite Hair Style?

Although we tend to think of hair style and makeup separately, these two beauty aspects are far more inter-related than we may think.  Although we may love a specific makeup style, it may not necessarily match our hair cut or styling habits.  For instance, because thick bangs already draw natural attention to the eyes and brows, a woman with this style should lean toward subtle metallic shades of eye shadow to balance the look. Those with layered, choppy cuts should play up their cheekbones and natural bone structure with contouring and shading. Makeup and hairstyle should perfectly balance each other to create a complete beauty style. 

What Does an Expert Say?

Naturally, it’s easy to feel confused and slightly overwhelmed by the countless style and color options.  Fortunately, it’s easy to find honest and simple answers about finding the ideal makeup style.  Trained cosmetologists and makeup artists are experts at finding the perfect style and shade for any skin tone.  They know exactly how to emphasize a women’s best facial features with subtle but powerful makeup techniques. For more information on how to find your ideal makeup shade or to schedule an appointment with makeup artists, please contact us today. 

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