Why You Should Never Use Store-Bought Hair Dye

Just because you can dye your hair using store-bought, box hair dye doesn’t mean that you should.  To get results that mirror the hair color you’ve been mentally picturing yourself looking hot with, your best bet is to have your hair professionally dyed. There are reasons why store-bought hair dye does not work, and why getting hair dyed professionally does.  

Why You Should Never Use Store-Bought Hair Dye

Why You Should NEVER Dye Your Hair With Store-Bought Hair Dye: 

Women With The Same Color Hair Can Still Get Different Results 

Two women with the same hair color use the same hair dye, but they get two different results. How is this possible? Box hair dye does not take in factors that trained professionals consider while choosing the right hair dye.  Factors can be: 

  • Hair condition or texture
  •  underlying pigments 
  • ingredients of previous hair dye 

The Back Of The Head

When solo dying your hair, you will always miss a little area of hair that’s viewable from the back of your head. No matter how many mirrors you may own. 

Agents in Store-Bought Hair Dye Can Damage Your Hair

The agent in hair dye that activates depositing and lifting is way higher in store-bought hair dye because it is designed to be used by all hair colors from blondes to the darkest shade of brunettes. This causes your hair to be over-processed, and look “fried”. 

Why It Is Always Better To Have A Professional Dye Your Hair: 

You can trust our professionals at Shelley’s Day Spa to give your hair the color of your dreams. Not only is our hair stylist team deeply passionate about making your hair flawless, but they are also fully educated and have received the proper training required in able to give you the perfect hair treatment. We focus on every individual client’s needs, wants and factors. Let us give you a hair treatment that even looks better than what you’ve mentally pictured. 

For more information about what all Shelley’s Day Spa has to offer, you can contact us. We are always delighted to help you with all your salon and spa needs.

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