How to Easily Remove Your Lash Extensions Safely

The biggest misconception surrounding lash extensions is that they will ultimately cause your real eyelashes to fall out. This can happen to anyone, but only if they are ripped out day after day. There are many proper ways one can safely remove lash extensions without sacrificing your natural lashes in the process. Read on to discover 2 of the easiest tips that you can use to remove your lash extensions safely at home.

How to Easily Remove Your Lash Extensions Safely

1. Oil-Free Makeup Remover

This method is very useful, especially when you are also wearing eye makeup along with your lash extensions. It is very convenient because you do not need a separate product to remove your lashes during your usual makeup removal routine. For this method, the only two things you will need are a Q-tip or cotton round, and your favorite oil-free makeup remover. 

With a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover, lightly rub it back and forth over the band of your lashes. Continue until the glue loosens enough to be peeled off without resistance. As for the cotton round, place enough remover to saturate, then lightly press onto your eyelid, while keeping the eye closed. After a couple of minutes, lightly wipe the lid and the lash should come off with the round. If the lash resists, repeat this step until lashes and remaining glue are removed.

2. Hot Washcloth

Using a warm to hot washcloth can be quite effective in removing your lashes safely. Using your favorite face washcloth, begin running it through hot tap water (hot as you can handle comfortably). Next, wring out as much excess water as you can and place the cloth over your eyes until the heat wears off. Once you remove the washcloth from your face, your lash extensions should either be on the rag itself or can be simply peeled off without pulling your own lashes in the process. 

The hot washcloth creates steam that gently loosens the glue that holds the lashes to your eye. If any leftover glue remains, you can rub a small amount of coconut oil, for example, on your lids to remove the leftover glue residue.

What about lash extensions?

In addition to lash extensions, the same methods discussed above can also be applied to the removal of lash extensions as well. The only difference with lash extensions, a natural oil such as coconut or olive oil can be used on the tip of a Q-tip. With strip lash extensions, it is highly advised to not use oil to remove them, as the oil may ruin the natural feel and look.

Try out these 2 tips the next time you need to remove lash extensions. Your real and lash extensions will thank you!

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