10 Bangs Styles to Volumize Thin Hair

Looking for ways to amp up your thin hair? Let’s talk bangs. Bangs can give your fine hair a volume boost when styled in flattering ways. Try one of these styles for a great new look right up front.

10 Bangs Styles to Volumize Thin Hair

1. Light, Feathery Fringe

Our Salon Service Top Advice for thin hair with bangs? Avoid heavy bangs. If you want to add volume, you have to make your bangs look like they will float, not sink. Light and feathery does the trick. Go for soft edges, and make sure you don’t cut too much off the sides. With thin, light bangs, you’ll need to style everyday, but it can be as easy as wetting them and giving them a quick blow dry to boost their volume. Avoid heavy styling products because those tend to weigh down your feathery, anti-gravity look.

2. Micro-Bangs for a New, Daring Look

Make a statement with micro-bangs. These bangs are super short (one to two inches long) and can be super cute. With thin hair, you’re probably going to want a textured, choppy look. Remember? Soft edges, not blunt.

3. Curtain Bangs

This bangs style makes us want to say, “Ta-da!” Basically, curtain bangs are long bangs that have been parted down the middle and pulled to each side, like curtains. If you want a change on the curtain look, you can. . .

4. Sweep Them to the Side

Instead of parting long bangs in the middle, don’t part them at all, and sweep them over to one side. Give them extra volume by teasing the roots with a comb and spraying with hairspray. The great thing about curtain and side-swept bangs? They look awesome with lots of different hairstyles, short, medium, or long!

5. Piecey Bangs

If you truly have very thin hair, you may want to try the piecey look. This style groups pieces of your bangs together, creating an airy, see-through effect. Piecey bangs can look choppy and chic, or they can look elegantly textured. Lots of celebs have been spotted with the piecey look, so it’s a good style wagon to jump onto!

6. Add Subtle Layers

Think your hair is too thin for layers? Think again! Adding subtle layers into your bangs helps create that textured, light, wispy look. So go ahead and layer your bangs! Layers add volume and movement to your whole hairstyle.

7. Form an Arch

Arches aren’t just for architecture and eyebrows. Create an arched look with your bangs. It doesn’t have to be overly-dramatic. Arches are higher in the center and lower on the sides. This adds lift to your look, and the way your longer side bangs blend into the rest of your hair makes good use of thin hair.

8. Create a Cascade

Cascades operate on the same basis as an arch, just wavier! Your bangs cascade into the rest of your hair, which is also layered and textured. This style is great for thin, curly hair with longer bangs. The bangs can be curtained, side-swept, or just wispy across your forehead.

9. Messy Curls and Waves for a Beachy Look

As long as we’re talking curls, let’s keep going with the messy, beachy look! Waves and curls soften your look, so don’t try to straighten out your bangs. Let them relax into their own waves and curls. Work with your hair’s natural tendency, not against it.

10. Go Long, Girl

Our last style is another bold but flattering look for the new year: long bangs. Think longer than normal. Right up to your eyelashes. Your thin bangs can hang low and give the illusion of lots of hair!

If you’re in Killeen or Belton, Texas and looking for a professional stylist to give you a new bangs style, please book an appointment with us. We’ve been doing some amazing things with all types of hair!

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