The Emotional Benefits of Massage

Massage therapy is usually associated with physical issues like strained muscles, poor posture, or severe stress causing tension in major muscle groups. It’s often tied to athletes, patients in need of physical therapy, or those with stressful desk jobs. While massage can certainly work wonders for physical symptoms and recovery after injuries, it can provide an emotional boost as well. Studies have shown that just fifteen minutes of moderate-pressure massage can offer relief from anxiety, depression, and anger.

The Emotional Benefits of Massage

Stress hormones are often closely tied to ‘negative’ emotional states such as directionless anger, general anxiety, and depression. Carrying a high level of these hormones with you in your day-to-day life is bound to cause some side-effects on an emotional level. The physical body requires proper maintenance to function like it should, and this is also true of mental and emotional health.

Studies suggest that in addition to lowering stress hormones by relaxing the muscles, massage also helps to regulate other systems in the body and flush out waste products, which can help improve mood and emotional well-being. An increase in serotonin caused by this biological ‘tune-up’ helps to decrease any depression and anxiety the patient may experience. Massage is also useful for survivors of trauma, as many of them hold on to these emotional states well after the traumatic event has passed. Receiving massage therapy from a professional can help them to reconnect with their body and work through these held emotions.

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