2 Awesome Hair Services To Get Done At The Salon

If you are looking to really pamper yourself and have a wonderful experience, then you should go to the salon for some hair services. The stylist will work hard to make sure that you are pleased with your services and that you feel comfortable and relaxed the whole time. Here are two awesome hair services to get done at the salon. 

2 Awesome Hair Services To Get Done At The Salon

Shampoo & Style 

If you are running out of ideas that you’d like to try with your hair, then you should definitely go to the salon for a shampoo & style. The stylist will start off by shampooing and conditioning your hair using top-of-the-line products. These will leave your hair feeling great and smelling amazing.

They will then expertly blow dry your hair and give it whatever style you’d like. This could include curls, up-dos, straightening, etc. This could give you some ideas for doing your own hair, as well as some tips for getting the look that you desire. 

Deep Conditioning Treatment 

Another excellent hair service to get done at the salon is a deep conditioning treatment. This is great if your hair has been damaged at all by bleaches, dyes, heat, etc. The deep conditioner will be carefully massaged into your hair and then you will sit under the dryer for a bit so that your hair follicles open and allow the nutrients to get inside. 

The deep conditioner will then be rinsed out and your hair will be dried. This allows you to see just how healthy and strong your hair looks. You can also ask to purchase some of the same deep conditioner that was used on your hair so that you can try doing some of your own deep conditioning treatments at home.

To learn about more awesome hair services that you can get done at the salon, or to schedule your hair service today, visit us at Shelley’s Day Spa & Salon.

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