Skincare Tips for the School Year

The new school year  is just around the corner, which means your schedule is about to get more hectic. Try these skincare tips for healthy skin this school year:

Skincare Tips for the School Year

Double Wash

Early morning classes can be rough, and they don’t leave much time to get dressed or as ready as you’d like. However, healthy skin begins with a fresh canvas. If you’re in the bathroom anyway, doing your business and brushing your teeth, lather up your face quickly too for a healthy, clean glow.

Dirt and bacteria fill the air daily and somehow make it to your face. A second wash at night before bed is a great practice to wash it all away.

Moisturize with Sunscreen

The winter brings the blues, but also UV rays that can still penetrate the skin. Daily moisturizing is key to healthy skin, and added sunscreen would protect your skin from the harsh rays that damage skin over time.

Drink Up!

Water is the answer to everything, isn’t it? Water hydrates the earth, helps plants grow, keeps our bodies regulated. It’s magic. Drinking plenty of water will assure great, healthy skin because it keeps the skin all over the body adequately hydrated.

Clean Your Screen

Most of us don’t think of it, but our phones are crawling with dirt and bacteria. We touch our phone hundreds of times a day then, touch our face. We hold up the phone to our faces or let other people borrow it. OK, I’ll stop, but you get it! Lots of germs and dirt are transferred to your face from your phone every day. A regular wipe with safe sanitation will eliminate excess dirt and keep your skin healthy.

Proper skincare habits are essential for healthy skin. Good luck this school year! For more tips and ideas on healthy skin, or to book an appointment, visit Shelley’s Day Spa & Salon today!

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