Keep Your Rosacea in Check This Summer

Rosacea can be hard to handle in the summer. The skin condition causes frequent flare-ups and inflammation. Hot weather, sunburns, and sweaty physical activity can all make your skin more prone to redness. Heat itself can exacerbate the condition because it increases blood flow and nerve activity. But that shouldn’t keep you trapped inside this summer. 

Keep Your Rosacea in Check This Summer

How can you protect your skin this summer?

A lot of the additional skincare tips that can give you relief this summer are steps everyone should take to protect their skin. These include:

  • using sunscreen every day. Medical and skincare professional recommend that everyone wear sunscreen with SPF 15. This reduces the risk of sunburn and skin cancer, but it also reduces later skin sensitivity.
  • staying in the shade. Whenever you have the option, sit in the shade instead of in full sunlight. If you’re walking around, wear a hat that keeps your face and neck protected. This skin is the most sensitive that isn’t regularly covered.
  • cooling down. If you’re a fan of outdoor exercise, look for routines with short intervals and bring plenty of water that you can drink or spray on your skin. Avoid exertive activity in the afternoon.

During the summer, it’s also more important than ever to stay on top of your treatment schedule. If you’re going on a trip, add a reminder on your phone so you don’t leave your medication behind.

How can you treat rosacea year-round?

Rosacea doesn’t have a cure, but the right topical treatments and lifestyle changes can control the condition. Without treatment, rosacea can worsen in intensity. Avoid rosacea triggers like spicy food and alcohol, smoking, and stress. Heat is also a rosacea trigger that intensifies during the summer.

Ask your doctor about the best topical creams and antibiotic pills to control the condition. Your dermatologist may also recommend other treatments such as photo-dynamic therapy and pulsed-light therapies. Go to Shelley’s Day Spa & Salon to make sure you’re getting the skincare treatments to keep your skin safe and healthy.

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