3 Questions You Should Ask Your Massage Therapist About Relaxing At Home

Massages are relaxing experiences, but sometimes you don’t have time to spend a full day at the spa to refresh. As you’re enjoying your usual massage or a new seasonal service, start to think about how you can bring a bit of the experience home with you so you can relax between visits. Ask your massage therapist these three questions:

3 Questions You Should Ask Your Massage Therapist About Relaxing At Home

1. Ask them what the scent behind your favorite products is.

Your massage therapist and spa experts probably have a handful of go-to products to make you feel relaxed. Sometimes they’re essential oils in the air or scented lotions and creams. No matter what type of product it is, ask them about the scent you find the most relaxing or invigorating. Then you can look for the scent in candles, air fresheners, and other products for your home.

2. Ask them if they use a humidifier or dehumidifier.

The moisture in the air plays a large part in your feeling of wellness. If there’s a lot of rain in the air, you might feel weighed down and the air might feel too muggy. Alternatively, dry air can crack your skin and parch your hair. Ask if your favorite spa uses — or recommends that you use — a humidifier and dehumidifier. These can be great tools for adjusting the air in your home or your cubicle

3. Get recommendations for seasonal conditions or stressors ahead of time.

While there’s no replacement for a relaxing massage and spa session, preempting your least favorite seasonal conditions can help you feel more relaxed between visits. If you know you’re susceptible to dry skin in the winter, back pain during the end of the year rushes, or tension headaches during the holiday season, talk to your massage therapist about how to stop the ailments in their tracks with a bit of home therapy.

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