Why You Should Get Out of Your Own Way and Have a Spa Day Already

Sometimes the best way forward is to take a step back.  We live in a world of pressure to win, be successful, and be a little bit better every day. Many times this pressure comes from within. Self-motivation can be a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, it’s easy to put your head down and miss some destructive patterns. If you’re a self-motivated, driven person, sometimes the only person who can recognize and fix this is you. Here are some signs that you’re getting in your own way, and how a spa day can help.

Why You Should Get Out of Your Own Way and Have a Spa Day Already

Your calendar is full and you have no time.

Your job, family, friends, side hustle, and volunteer activities all have a place in your life, but they can also overtake it. No one else can set your boundaries for you. Are you packing your schedule with the goal of doing as much as you can? You may actually be destroying your focus and creativity. Having a spa day is an intentional way to take back control of your own time. When you return to your routine, you’ll be bringing your best self.

You’re constantly irritable.

You’re quick to snap off a tense email or yell at people in traffic. Some people will always get on your nerves. That’s part of being human. However, if you’re feeling aggravated by everyone on a daily basis, you may need some time for yourself. Getting pampered for a day is an opportunity to work through and define your own feelings and needs. When you understand and respond to these, you can be more patient with the people in your life.

Your impulsive spending is out of control.

Spending on lots of little purchases can add up. Spending too much out of stress can leave you with no money for the things you actually need and want. Investing money on a day at the spa will put you in the hands of professionals that can bring you true stress relief. Those trinkets you bought that broke within a week? Not so much.

Are you holding yourself back? Get out of your own way and contact us at Shelley’s Day Spa to book your spa day. Then you can get back to taking on the world!

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