3 Additions That Create a More Relaxing Massage Experience

Massage is one of the most enjoyable ways to unwind and rejuvenate during your salon or spa appointment. Whether you prefer a luxurious full-body rubdown or more targeted acupressure, massage delivers countless physical and mental rewards. Creating a more relaxing massage experience can be as simple as adding on to your normal routinely massage appointments. Add-ons are becoming more popular, largely due to their many healing properties and body balancing benefits. Here are three ways to create a more relaxing massage experience during your next spa visit.

3 Additions That Create a More Relaxing Massage Experience

Turn up the heat with warm stones and warm shells.

Heat is one of the most successful ways to relax the body’s muscles. Incorporating warm stones and shells during your massage helps increase oxygen flow to the muscles and decrease stiffness in the soft tissues surrounding the spine. The combination of heat and proper massage technique promotes healing of damaged tissues and prevents the transmission of pain signals from the skin’s sensory receptors to the brain thus relieving discomfort.

Add aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy, the inclusion of essential oils and scented plant extracts, is the natural complement to your restorative massage. These oils offer a considerable reduction in inflammation and stress, boost energy levels, and even fight insomnia and depression through subtle yet effective fragrances.

Decompress with deep tissue.

For stubborn stress and persistent pain, nothing combats tension like deep tissue massage. This type of massage restores the connective tissue using precise pressure and long, freeing strokes to target the fascia and muscles concealed deep within the body. This results in decreased pain, fewer feelings of depression and anxiety, improved heart and lung function, and a more relaxed physical and mental state, according to Massage Magazine.

Your massage therapist can recommend specific body additions for your massage based on your needs and preferences. To learn more about the various types of massage offered at Shelley’s Day Spa & Salon, please contact us.

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