7 Reasons A Massage Is A Key To Your Happiness

It’s been a long week, and you might come home feeling stressed or exhausted from all the work. However, instead of sitting down with a sore body and stressed mind, you could go and solve your problems, improve your health and feel all-around better- Your answer is a massage! 

7 Reasons A Massage Is A Key To Your Happiness

Why Get A Massage?

Well, how would you even know when to get a massage? It might seem daunting to go out and get a massage done when you don’t even know why you’re going. What you don’t know is that your body already gives you signs that you might need one.

What are these signs you ask? Here are some things you can look for to know when you might need to relax your muscles and give your body some love!

1. You’re feeling anxious, or stressed

Stress can be caused by your everyday activities, and small relaxers, although helpful, won’t help long term. Similarly, anxiety can build up and eventually be a consuming feeling. When it comes to stress and anxiety, you need a relaxer that helps you both physically and mentally.

2. You can’t sleep

According to the American Sleep Association, in Sleep And Sleep Disorder Statistics, 37% of 20-39 year-olds within the US have a short sleep duration, and around 30% of adults in the US have insomnia and an additional 10% have chronic insomnia. This is clearly an important issue, and there need to be solutions to help adults get better sleep.

3. You feel pain in your body

Your body goes through A LOT. From going to and coming home from work, traveling, going to run errands and headaches, your body needs some sort of a break once in a while, something to take off all that built up physical stress or pain that can form over time.

How Will A Massage Help Me?

We’ve talked about common problems in your life you may be overlooking, but what you might have not known is a massage may be the key to all these problems! Here’s why getting a massage can be your best bet to daily happiness!

1. Your anxiety/stress will reduce

 Anxiety and stress can cause noises to get loud, but massages are quiet and calm experiences that negate the feeling of having problems you can’t control, or problems hard to control. As Mayo Clinic says in their article Never Had a Massage? What You Should Know, massages are super beneficial for anxiety. They also help clear your mind and help you think clearly about problems you have later with mindfulness. Think of it as cleansing all the negativity out of your system and opening space to think calmly.

2. You can sleep better

Massages as mentioned before can help you relax. If you can’t sleep short or long term, a massage can take problems away from your mind and thus before sleep you won’t be needing to think as much, and you can fall asleep with pleasant thoughts and a relaxed body!

3. Your body will thank you

If you’ve been feeling tense or pain in your joints or other areas, or headaches affect your daily life, a massage is just for you. It quite literally relaxes your body, releasing tensions that can definitely make you feel physically better. 

Great, You’re Ready For A Massage. But Where?

Massages are great to receive, so if you are getting one an expert can give you the best results. Many places give massages, and one of the best places to get a massage is Shelley’s Day Spa & Salon! You’ll feel welcome in a leading day spa and salon of the industry, and all your stress would be long gone in your past. To book an appointment or check out more, visit https://shelleyshairandspa.com/spa-services/massage/

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