The Massage Therapy Questions You Might Be Too Afraid to Ask

Massage therapy is an amazing tool for increasing your overall health, reducing stress and promoting your physical, mental and emotional well-being. However, many of the people who would really benefit from regular massages don’t ever experience the incredible outcomes of regular massage therapy because the idea of getting a massage makes them uncomfortable.

The Massage Therapy Questions You Might Be Too Afraid to Ask

If you’ve never had a massage, chances are you have a few questions that you might be a little too embarrassed to ask. That’s ok, we are familiar with the kinds of questions that people want answered so here are a few massage therapy FAQs.

  • Do I Have to be Naked for a Massage? No, we always tell people to undress to their comfort level. So, if you would prefer to be completely naked that’s great, if you would rather leave underwear on that’s fine too.  You can even dress in shorts and a tank top or t-shirt, and the massage therapist will work around the clothes that you have left on. Whatever makes you feel comfortable will be just fine. However, keep in mind that massage therapy often incorporates lotion or oil so you shouldn’t wear anything that is important to you.
  • How is Modesty Preserved During a Massage? During a massage you are draped, so your body is covered, and only the part of the body that is specifically being massaged at the moment is uncovered. The genital area and breasts are never uncovered during the massage.
  • What if I Fall Asleep During the Massage? It is actually quite common to fall asleep during a massage. Sleep is the natural response of the body to extreme relaxation, so if you fall asleep the massage therapist will take it as a sign that the massage is working. Your massage treatment will continue and you will receive all the benefits of the massage while you rest peacefully.

We want all of our clients to be able to fully relax during their massage therapy sessions, and so we will make every effort to help you feel comfortable during your massage. If you have questions or concerns that have kept you from scheduling massages, please contact us. We would be happy to put your mind at ease, or clarify anything that is important to you.

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