The Perm is Making a Surprise Comeback

In the 1980s the perm was one of the most popular hairstyles. These curls were a common look amongst movie stars, singers, models, and everyday people. At the turn of the new millennium, the perm dwindled in popularity. More recently the perm has been making a comeback. The perms coming out of hair salons today are a far cry from your mom’s perm back in the day. Loose beach waves are the style of perm that has started to gain popularity amongst new patrons of the look. The chemicals used today for perms are also vastly different and improved.

The Perm is Making a Surprise Comeback

Perms Are Rising in Popularity Amongst Celebs

The modern perm is taking off amongst celebrities of the day as well. The likes of Taylor Swift, Lily Collins, Sarah Jessica Parker, Chrissy Teigen, Mandy Moore, and Emma Stone have all done the modern perm look on their hair. They have been sharing pictures of them sporting the modern loose curl perms.

The Key Differences of the Modern Perm Look

Stylists have been busy doing the modern perm look for women in hair salons as of late with key differences in how they are making the style happen. First of all, women can select precisely the kind of curl they want. Generally speaking, women were often at the mercy of a particular curl size for their perms. Today hair stylists know that their clients want to request what kind of curl they want and that generally they don’t want the curls of the 80s. They expect you to be picky and to want something with more of a Victoria’s Secret model curl look. So don’t be afraid to tell your hair stylist exactly what kind of curls you want. The other key difference is that the chemicals used for modern perms are far less abrasive to the hair. You shouldn’t have anywhere near the amount of damage to your hair that your mom or grandma may have went through. You can request a modern perm that will last for a few weeks or for a few months. The perm should allow you to wake up with fresh curls that will just require a bit of styling in the morning. This will cut way down on your primping time before you head off on your day to day life.

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