Guys, Here’s How To Manage Your Hair Between Haircuts

For guys- nothing can drive you crazier than hair that should be off of your forehead suddenly threatening to be full on bangs or the tickle of a skin fade growing out over your ears. This is usually the point when you know it’s time to get into the salon, but if that isn’t possible for a few extra weeks, what are you supposed to do?

Guys, Put The Clippers Down! Here's How To Manage Your Hair Between Haircuts

There are two types of people when these situations arise. There’s the guy who waits it out and gets in to see his stylist at the first available moment and the guy who grabs those old clippers from the bottom drawer in an attempt to take matters into his own hands. Method one leaves you with more hair than you typically know what to do with, but method two is going to potentially leave you looking like a nightmare that your salon professional might not be able to easily save you from when next you see them. 

Put the clippers away. If for whatever reason you need to go longer than you normally would between haircuts, a few simple product tweaks can get you through until you can get in with a pro. Don’t know what to use? We’ve got you. 


This is one of the most common styling products used by men, so you probably already have some and you probably already know what to do with it, but we’re going to give you a run down anyway. Gel is a viscous styling product used to give hair hold and shine. You can use a lighter hold gel on any length of hair if you want to smooth your curl, mellow out any frizz or give finer hair a light hold that still feels touchable. Firmer hold gel is better for shorter to medium length hair and will help keep everything more in place while leaving it looking stiffer and harder. 


Clay, like gel, comes in different strengths – but is typically better for shorter to medium length hairstyles. This is a good product for when you want hold, but low shine. The matte finish of a clay will leave you looking like you have less product in your hair while helping you slick those sides back a little and giving you a textured, tousled top where your flat top used to be. You can even style comb overs, pompadours or executive contours with it for a softer, less shiny version.


Where clay is best on hair that’s shorter, creams are good for all – but usually favored for your surfer style, long undercut or natural curl. Creams don’t have a ton of hold, but where they lack in adding much control they thrive in adding moisture and definition. They’re also usually best when applied wet, whereas most of the other products can be done wet or dry depending on how defined you want your finished look. Put this in after your shower, comb or pick through, and then leave it to dry on it’s own.  


High shine. High hold. High definition. Pomade is a waxy, almost greasy feeling, product that can make all of your dreams of trying out that 50s rockabilly look you’ve been eyeing a reality. They can be water-based, which has less hold but washes out more easily – and oil-based, which has firmer results but can build up in your hair a bit without a good shampoo. This stuff works for any style where you want lots of hold – so if your psycho quiff is growing out, throw this in dry and comb it back into a baby pompadour or a sick mohawk. Likewise, you can use this to achieve the comb over of your dreams if your high and tight isn’t so high and is a lot less tight these days. Just put it in damp, almost dry, hair and comb it back until you’re Don Draper. 


Hairspray is like the closing pitcher in game seven of the World Series. This guy comes in and finishes your style, helping to lock in the look you worked so hard to create. If you’ve slicked your sides back with a gel, clay or pomade – hairspray will help those products keep it there all day. It’s also good on it’s own for finer hair – the end hold depending on the firmness of the spray you chose and how much you’ve applied. You want to use this one on dry hair and make sure you’re holding the can 6″ away from your head as you spray.

Shampoo and Conditioner

This is just good all around advice no matter what kind of hairstyle you’re working with. A good quality shampoo is going to help gently cleanse the oils from your scalp without drying it out – which will leave it more manageable whether it’s freshly cut or longer than you’re used to. As hair grows out, it gets heavier, something that tends to make it harder to work with if you started off with a fade, flat top or any other type of short cut. Keeping it clean will keep natural scalp oils from weighing it down even further and – if your hair was a longer style to begin with – keeping it conditioned will help it stay soft and healthy as it goes from executive cut to man bun.

There are tons of products out there that can keep your style fresh when you’re unable to get in to see a professional. When the time comes to get back to your normal routine – contact us. We’ll take it from here – no home clippers required. 

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