Get Your Hair (And Your Facts) Straight When it Comes to Blow Drying

What’s the hair style you’ve always wanted? Our salon services include a consultation on tips to get that coveted look. If your look includes a blow dryer, you might be wondering our take on that long-disputed debate about whether or not blow drying harms your hair. Let’s take a closer look at what blow drying can do for you.

Get Your Hair (And Your Facts) Straight When it Comes to Blow Drying

Advantages of Blow Drying

  • Your hair is wet, and you need it to dry fast. The blow dryer saves the day.
  • It’s a cold day, and having a wet head might not be healthy. Blow dry your hair, wrap a scarf around your neck, wear a chunky sweater, and voila! You are warm and dry.
  • You have thin hair, and you like to add a little volume with the blow dryer.
  • You style your hair, and you can’t do that without the blow dryer.

So far, so good. Blow drying provides convenience, comfort, and style. But what about the disadvantages? Are there any? Let’s take a look.

Disadvantages of Blow Drying

  • All that heat zaps your hair and scalp of moisture. Ouch! Too much dryness!

Only one disadvantage! But it’s a big one. In fact, some people opt for natural air drying to avoid the excessive heat and loss of moisture. Fortunately, for those who can’t live without a blow dryer, there are some tips to lessen the bad effects of the heat.

Tips for Healthy Hair when Using a Blow Dryer

  • Blot your wet hair with a towel first. (Just remember not to rub vigorously, which can cause damage to your hair.)
  • Hold the dryer at least 4 inches from your head. Don’t zoom in too close!
  • Stop drying while hair is still damp. This prevents over-drying.
  • Always use a good-quality brush to prevent damage and to evenly distribute your scalp’s natural oils.

Contact us to schedule your style consultation. You’re going to love your hair.

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