Body Sugaring: Everything you Need to Know

Sugaring may sound like a cooking term, but it’s not; sugaring is a hair removal method. It is similar to waxing and involves pulling hair from the skin right from the roots.

The paste consists of sugar, lemon, and water, as the name suggests. The ingredients are all heated together to make this hair removal paste, left to cool then applied directly onto the skin. This hair removal method is more natural and environmentally friendly than traditional waxing, making it a desirable option.

Body Sugaring: Everything you Need to Know
Sugaring epilation with liquate sugar at legs on black background

Body Sugaring VS Traditional Waxing

Its application may be similar to waxing, but there is one significant difference in its technique; the direction of hair removal. The mixture is applied in the hair growth direction with waxing and pulled in the opposite direction. In sugaring, the paste is applied against the hair growth and then pulled out in the hair growth direction in quick motions.

Where It’s Applied

The good thing about this hair removal method is that it doesn’t stick on the skin surface. Body sugaring only pulls out hair and can be applied to many parts of the body like:

  • Face; lip, chin, eyebrows.
  • Bikini area.
  • Arms.
  • Legs.
  • Back.

Benefits of Sugaring

The most significant change you’ll notice with sugaring is a long-lasting, softer, hair-free appearance. It also provides some exfoliation, thereby renewing the skin’s appearance. Your hair will also grow back thicker and softer.

Seeing as you may be sold on this safe and natural hair removal method, here’s how you can prepare for your sugaring appointment at Shelley’s Day Spa and Salon:

  • It would help if you considered trimming your hair to ¼ inch as it makes the process seamless.
  • Consider exfoliating your skin before your sugaring session. It ensures that all hair gets pulled out completely.
  • Do not tan or apply any retinoid creams at least 24-48 hours before your scheduled appointment.
  • On the scheduled day, avoid caffeine/ alcohol as these may tighten your pores.

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