Thinking of Getting A Summer Perm?

Summer is here and we all want those beautiful beach waves! Why not get them the easy way? Get a summer perm! We aren’t talking about your grandma’s perm. Get the loose, mermaid type waves that are so popular now with a gentle permanent wave. Life will be so much easier because of all the fun ways you can wear your hair.

Thinking of Getting A Summer Perm?

What are some of the hairstyles you ask? Simply put, you can wash and go every morning. All you must do is add a little sea salt spray and head about your day!  Whether you’re heading to the beach or to work this is a beautiful style that will turn heads.

Ready for a night out on the town?  Just tease the crown and create a small braid on the front fringe area.  You could also create a loose up do with zero curling from the curling iron.  You will have so much texture and body with your perm that the styles will be endless!

If going to the beach is your thing, you can rest assured that your hair will not get frizzy with a perm! Just simply put a little serum in your hair before hitting the beach and your beautiful waves will be shiny and perfectly separated.

Perms are coming back in a big way. We are all tired of our boring straight hair and want more out of our normal styling routine. It’s time to ask your stylist to give you a new updated look so you will be on trend this summer and take the worry out of styling!

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