The Perfect Skincare Routine for Matte and Pore-less Skin

Do you wake up and find your face is oily and moist? Or when you go out into the heat does your makeup slide right off your face? If you answered yes to even one of those questions then this article is for you. Follow the steps below to learn how to keep your skin oil free for the summer.

The Perfect Skincare Routine for Matte and Pore-less Skin

 First we are going to start with the root issues of oily skin. The first four tips will be concerning skincare treatments and how to prepare your skin for makeup.

Step 1. Use face masks regularly

 Using a face mask specially formulated for oily skin will treat problems within the skin and remove dirt from your face which can lead to large pores.

Step 2. Exfoliate often

 Exfoliating is a great way to smooth out your skin and remove dead skin cells on your face, leading to a clean face. You can make a sugar and olive oil mixture and apply it to your face three times a week for soft skin. Be sure to wash your face with a facial cleanser after to remove all the excess oils.

Step 3. Use apple cider vinegar as a toner

 If you don’t have a store-bought toner, try using an apple cider vinegar and water mixture on your face instead. Be sure to wash it off after a few minutes of leaving it on your face. You definitely don’t want to dry out your skin too much.

Step 4. Don’t dry out your face

 Just don’t do it! Drying out your face will only cause your skin to create more oils. It may seem like a silly tip but it is definitely beneficial.

Step 5. Use an eye shadow primer as a base

  My friend told me about this trick and it truly works. Before you apply any makeup, use an eyeshadow primer as a base for your whole face instead of a normal primer. After this, apply your makeup as you normally would.

Step 6. Apply a translucent powder before your foundation

 Whether it’s a powder foundation or a liquid or cream foundation, you should apply a bit of translucent powder to your face and let it sit for a minute to absorb the oil. This will ensure than a minimal amount of oil reaches your foundation, thus creating a matte look.

Step 7. Use a powder foundation

 Try opting for a powder foundation rather than a cream or liquid foundation. This will immediately dry out your skin (but not too much!) and leave a smooth, matte canvas for the rest of your makeup.

Step 8. Use a non-oily, poreless foundation

If you want to use a liquid foundation, then this is an obvious must! Matte and poreless primers are made for oily skin with large pores, therefore it is perfect for people like me and you.

Step 9. Bake your whole face with banana powder

After following all the steps above, take a compact brush and apply banana powder all over your face and let it sit for two minutes. After you let it sit, dust it off with your brush and apply your regular loose powder.

Step 10. Use an oil control setting spray

This is a very simple step. Simply spray your face with an oil control setting spray and let it dry.

That may seem like a lot of steps but trust me, these small tips and tricks will make a big difference, leaving you matte and pore-less all year round! Call us today to schedule your consultation. 

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