Get the Perfect Curls by Knowing Your Perms

Perms are no longer just for grandma. With new techniques and formulas, curls are coming back in style in a big way. But how do you make sure you get the perfect look for your lifestyle? Knowing the types of perms that are out there, and understanding how to ask for your perfect look can prevent a hair disaster.

Get the Perfect Curls by Knowing Your Perms

If tight ringlets are your style, ask for a spiral perm. The spiral technique is used to create dense, corkscrew curls that give your hair extra body and bounce for a fun and flirty look. Spiral perms are the most common variation, but they aren’t for everyone. This look works best on coarse hair with a slight wave.

Looking to add a bit of movement without the dramatic texture of ringlets? Try a body wave or beach wave. This technique will give the hair a soft, natural wave that adds volume and texture to otherwise fine and limp hair. Body waves will also give your styles more hold, so if you are looking for that perfect updo and can’t get our hair to keep a curl, the body wave may give it the extra texture it needs.

With the rise in popularity of the beachy look, the body wave is becoming a close second to the spiral. But these aren’t the only curls you’ll see. There are a few other popular perm techniques that may be the perfect fit for you.

If height is your end goal, check out the volume perm. This style will give you texture and lift with loose, cascading curls that offer a soft look. Root perms give you more lift at the root, adding volume from the source. The multi-texture look is also popular as it utilizes varying perm rod sizes to give more natural dimension to the hair. A partial perm is an option if you want your ends to curl without having a full head of ringlets. Finally, a stacked perm is the perfect choice for one-length cuts. It curls the hair from mid-shaft to ends, giving the illusion of layers without the commitment. 

If you know the look you want, and you can speak your stylist’s language, you’ll walk away with a happy head full of fresh curls that are perfect for you. If you are ready for a bold new look, Book your appointment with us today!

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