Keep Your Hair Safe from Sun Damage This Spring

Everyone knows about putting on sunscreen to protect your skin: UV radiation from the sun can burn and prematurely age your skin without protection. The exact same thing can happen to your hair; now that spring is underway, it’s important to keep an eye on your hair to keep it healthy and moisturized.

Keep Your Hair Safe from Sun Damage This Spring

What are signs you have sun-damaged hair?

In the spring and summer, split ends increase and deepen. The extra sunlight and heat damage the hair faster than you may be used to, and the extra rain also damages the keratin fibers more quickly. You might start to notice your hair become more coarse. WHile most people attribute that damage to chlorinated pool water or salt water during vocations, the UV rays themselves also breaks down melanin; this makes it easier to damage and break.

How should you treat sun-damaged hair?

Like with all hair damage, the best treatment is to let the hair recover. Manipulate it as little as possible, and only tie it back in loose ponytails and buns. You should also reduce heat drying and reschedule any chemical treatments for after the hair has recovered. While treating your hair gently can do a lot to let your hair recover, covering your hair reduces damage in the meantime. Hats protect your scalp and hair, and so does sunscreen if you apply on thin or fine hair.

To get rid of the split ends before they deepen, schedule a trim ahead of schedule. Not only can a haircut minimize the damage, hair specialists can recommend natural brands of shampoo that reduce additional chemical damage. To schedule a haircut and ask questions about your specific hair, go to Shelley’s Day Spa & Salon.

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