5 Health-Related Reasons to Get a Pedicure This Weekend

A pedicure isn’t just a fancy way to get your toenails painted. Here are five ways it makes your feet healthier:

5 Health-Related Reasons to Get a Pedicure This Weekend

1. Moisturize your feet to remove winter damage.

Winter is hard on everyone’s feet. Cold, dry weather can make your skin crack or dry out. Layers of socks and boots can also make it feel like your feet are in a constant state of sweaty dampness through the winter. But getting your feet moisturized can replenish the skin with healthy nutrients in time for spring and summer.

2. Exfoliate your feet to clear away dead skin.

Dead skin builds up on feet. These aren’t just calluses, which can protect your feet if you do a lot of walking and standing. Dead skin can also cause bunions and even infections if it’s left to accumulate for too long. Exfoliation gives your feet’s skin a new start.

3. Keep your nails in the right shape.

Symmetrical, well-trimmed nails don’t just make your feet look great. They keep your toes safe. Irregularly shaped nails can become ingrown or scratch against your other toes. They can also hook into your socks or shoes and cause pain. Get them trimmed by a professional who won’t leave them too long or too short.

4. Get a picture-perfect paint job.

Sandal-wearing weather is here, and that means your toes will be visible to the world. Get them painted in style so you don’t have to worry about blotches or crooked patches.

5. Learn what’s right for your feet.

Foot care is just as important as every other part of self-care. Talk to your pedicure specialist about the right lotions, moisturizers or treatments for your feet. Keeping them healthy between spa visits can be easy and relaxing once you have the right advice.

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