Find Yourself Through Your Makeup Expression

A person’s face is a canvas for the makeup they wear. While that adage has been around for countless generations, painters don’t paint the same work of art over and over again, so why should you? Learning new makeup techniques from the pros, whether for an every day looks or for special occasions, can boost confidence in yourself AND your makeup skills. 

Find Yourself Through Your Makeup Expression

Why is makeup so important?

While some may consider makeup a luxury or for the self-indulgent, others see it for its true value. The art of makeup is just that, an art. It’s a form of expression that dates back to ancient Egyptian times when men and women would paint harmful substances and ground up beetles on to their faces in the name of beauty. 

These days can to know exactly what is in our products, so if that extra worry is factored out, what is stopping you from really embracing and showing your true self through your makeup? The answer should be nothing!

Makeup is such a key foundation (pun very much intended) in so many artistic careers that they would be lost without them. Musicians, designers, actors, and more use it to enhance performances and showcases because that’s what it is mean to do, enhance what you already have.

What can a makeup and design session teach you?

First off, a makeup lesson can simply teach you a new skill! And who doesn’t love to learn and better themselves through developing new skills? Secondly, did you know how many different shades of foundation there are and how often they can deceptively match, but not truly match your skin tone? 

People often think makeup is about throwing some products on your face to make yourself look presentable and rushing out the door, but it shouldn’t be. Making yourself up is about self-love and -care. Maybe you’ve been using the wrong skin cream all these years and it’s not as good for your skin as you thought. Maybe you look great done up in golds and greens, but it felt too bold for you to ever try.

Love yourself in a new way and seek the knowledge of how to look your best self, so you can feel your best self.

There are an astounding amount of products out there with many uses, shades, and effects that it can be daunting, especially if you’re new to exploring the makeup world. Let someone else guide you in how to pick your products, how to pick a style (or styles) that work for you, and how to apply those products and styles with skill and grace. 

Make an appointment at Shelley’s Day Spa & Salon, and let us guide you on your first steps in your makeup makeover journey.

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