The Hottest in Nail Trends

Looking to stay on top of nail trends and design for this spring and summer? It can be difficult to dig around in magazines and watch the latest trendsetters on YouTube when life is so busy. The good news is – you don’t have to! After taking a look at these hot styles, you’ll know just what to get during your next manicure or pedicure.

The Hottest in Nail Trends

Choosing A Color

We all know that spending time looking through the wonderful, endless selection of nail polish colors can be a bit overwhelming. Fortunately you can stay on trend and save time when you know what you’re looking for. This summer, color is all about vibrancy. Take a chance on something you might not have tried before, like a daring sunshine yellow, or a bold and sassy red. If you’re looking for something more on the feminine side, a bright and blushing fuchsia is another popular choice. If you need a color that’s more muted and low-key, not to worry – smooth grays and sparkling silvers are also very hot right now.

Nail Polish Art

If you’re all about simplicity, then this summer’s nail art trend is for you. Minimalism is making a comeback in manicuring, and it’s simply gorgeous. The best things about minimalist nail art are how many different ways there are to do it, and that there’s no wrong way to rock it. Try starting with one of those muted grays, then add a lovely gold stripe straight down the middle of the nail. Ask for a very sexy double-layered French tip in two of your favorite bold colors. Maybe even try a daring half dip, and if you can’t pick just one of the many lovely summer shades, try them all, with a new color for each nail. Not only are these styles popular now, but they’re also timeless, and will likely continue to be eye-catchers.

Additional Polish Designs

If minimalism just isn’t your thing, there are still other very on-trend styles for you to try out. Add a cute little daisy in white over the top of your bright nail colors – they’ll definitely pop. Give a different kind of finish a try next time around; there’s so much more than just clear. Try out a subtle matte, a smooth shine, or an eye-catching chrome. Not only do they look lovely, but they’ll allow your base polish to last longer.

Now that you’ve been able to take a sneak-peek into nail trends in nail art, book a manicure or pedicure appointment (these styles work on toes, too!) at Shelley’s Day Spa & Salon or contact us for further information.

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