3 Great Reasons You Should Stop Waxing and Start Sugaring

Waxing has been the go-to method for long term hair removal for many years, but there’s something much better on the market. Sugaring is actually quite an ancient practice – since it is both simple and natural – but it hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves in the United States until recently. Here are some excellent reasons to give sugaring a try…

3 Great Reasons You Should Stop Waxing and Start Sugaring


Waxing works against the natural direction of hair growth in order to tear it out at the roots. When sugaring, the hair is pulled out along with the growth, making it significantly less painful, as well as less damaging to the skin. This gentler process also results in less breakage of the hair strands, which means more of the actual roots can be removed. Sugar doesn’t grip skin as tightly as wax, especially when managed by an experienced esthetician, resulting in a better experience all around.


Unlike wax, which requires oils and cleansers to remove, sugar dissolves easily in water. After a sugaring session, all that’s needed is a few swipes with a damp cloth to remove any stray traces of sugar or powder. It comes off of hair, clothing, and skin with equal ease.


You may not always know exactly what’s going on your skin in a typical waxing solution, but sugaring paste contains little more than its primary ingredient. Sugaring products are made of melted sugar, in a method similar to making caramel. The consistency of the final product is determined by the temperature to which it is cooked, eliminating the need for any strange chemicals. With sugar, you can feel confident that what is going on your skin is simple and natural, and since it washes off with plain water, there’s no need to apply any fragrance-heavy oils afterward.

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