5 Tips to Go Longer Between Washes

We’ve heard it over and over again. The longer you can go between washes, the better. Washing your hair every day can dry out your hair to the point that it becomes damaged. Also, who wants to spend 45 minutes everyday shampooing, conditioning, and styling their hair?

Longer Between Washes

How does skipping a shampoo help your hair?

Your scalp naturally produces oils that condition your scalp and hair. When you wash your hair too often, those natural oils don’t have time to move throughout your hair to keep it moisturized and healthy. Along with that, you may be styling your hair every time you wash, which can add unwanted heat damage. 

Your hair is too oily to not wash it every day?

This may actually be because you are washing too often. When you wash your hair every day, your scalp may become dry. This causes your scalp to produce an excess of oil to counteract your dry scalp. Your scalp is basically begging you to not wash your hair every day because it needs that moisture. 

How do you start going longer between washes?

Start small and go longer over time. 

Starting with a wash every other day is a good start. It will take a little while for your hair to get used to going longer between washes. Wash it every other day for about 2 weeks and then start pushing it further to every 2 days, 3 days, or even 4 days eventually! Your scalp will get used to not needing so much oil to stay hydrated and slow production down. 

Use dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo is a godsend! It’s usually a spray or powder that goes on your roots to soak up oils and makes it smell great again while adding lots of volume to your hair. You won’t be able to go multiple days without having this stuff on hand. You can find dry shampoo at one of our two locations.

Wear hair accessories.

Hats, headbands, clips, sunglasses, and pretty much whatever other accessories you can think of to put on your head are a great way to hide oily roots. They can also give you a brand-new style without much effort. 

Put it up.

Simply pulling you hair back hides oily roots and messy ends very well. Braids, twisty buns, low ponytails, and half updos are great styles that could give you another wash free day. 

Rock some curls.

Textured hair hides messy hair because the oil from your scalp adds definition and makes those curls pop even more. Let your natural curl come out or add texture with a wand or curling iron. If you don’t know how to add textured curls to your hair, ask one of our experienced stylists for a lesson. Don’t forget to use a heat protectant when using hot tools!

For more information on washing your hair less, contact us today or schedule an appointment for a consultation!

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