Focusing on Skin Care: How Professional Facials Can Rejuvenate Your Skin

Do-it-yourself and at home facial creams increasingly available on store shelves, and DIY skin care tips are widely read across the internet. So why should you go to a professional spa for a facial and other skin care services? Skin care professional at salons has been trained to analyze your specific skin type and offer a facial-cleansing experience that is far more deep cleaning than something you can buy on a shelf. Here are three advantages to treating yourself to a professional facial:

How Professional Facials Can Rejuvenate Your Skin
Close-up shot of a woman during the seance of facial massage in beauty spa
  • You can ask for professional skin care advice. There are plenty of opportunities for conversation just like with a haircut, a manicure, or any number of spa and salon activities. Be sure to ask your esthetician what treatments and skin care advice they have for your specific skin type based on your lifestyle, the condition of your skin, and what they think are the best products and habits for skin care.
  • Exfoliation: Many of the products you can buy in the store are either not the best fit for your skin type or can even over-exfoliate with caustic chemicals and harsh sharp additives; this can remove healthy skin along with dead skin and cause mild skin damage as well as prematurely aging skin. Use this opportunity to find out what type of exfoliating products are best for you. Additionally, professional spas and salons have access to stronger forms of exfoliation that can be handled only by professionals. This means that you’ll walk away with softer and less lined skin that also has an evener tone and texture.
  • Cleaning out clogged pores: Even the most diligent attempts to get rid of your blackheads at home can only reduce clogged pores instead of removing them entirely. At Shelley’s Day Spa & Salon, our trained professional know how to gently prepare the skin prior to cleaning out blackheads and pores for optimal results.

If you have any questions about the facials we offer or would like to learn more about the skin care products and services at Shelley’s Day Spa & Salon, please contact us here.

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