Curly Hair Tips You Should Know

Do you have curly hair and wish you had the ultimate guide to managing it? Finding the right routine is essential to keeping your curls healthy. If you are constantly styling your hair, it’s important to nourish your hair to retain length, health, and shine. Some things you can do to reduce damage are: minimize heat, use protective styling, and stop over-shampooing! Some high-heat tools you should cut back on are flat irons and blow dryers. Heat is notorious for breaking hair off and leaving split ends.

Curly Hair Tips You Should Know

When your hair isn’t styled, tie your hair into a bun or try a cute French braid. And instead of constantly shampooing your hair, use a conditioner to co-wash your hair. Co-washing will remove the excess dirt and keep moisture without over-stripping the natural oils. Oils and conditioners should become your best friends, especially if your hair is dyed, bleached, or receives high heat. Too much heat will slowly loosen your curl pattern and cause breakage.

Things You’ll Need

  • Wet Brush
  • Wide Tooth Comb
  • Deep Conditioner
  • Sulfate-Free Shampoo
  • Satin Pillowcase
  • Bonnet or Head Scarf
  • Lightweight Oil

Some staple products you need in your curly hair routine are a leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner, a lightweight oil, and a sulfate-free shampoo. Some lightweight oils include argan oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, and jojoba oil. Sulfates strip your hair of its natural oils and leave it brittle. Also, incorporating oil treatments and heat protectants will bring back moisture to your hair. With your new routine, you’ll also need to incorporate a head scarf or bonnet to decrease frizz and tangles at night. If you are not the type to wear a head covering, a satin pillow case will work just fine.

When it comes to curly hair, a wide-tooth comb and a wet brush are crucial. A smaller tooth comb will tangle and pull at your coils. A wet brush is gentle on the hair without too much tension. The vital tips to maintaining curly hair include keeping moisture, using low-heat, and retaining length. Without those important key elements, your hair can easily dry out and break off. Always remember that your hair needs attention and nourishment to thrive. 

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