4 At-Home Tips for Keeping Your Curly Hair Straight Between Salon Visits

For many people, following shelter-in-place ordinances means attempting to do their hair and other personal grooming activities on their own. While working from home can mean showing up to meetings in pajama bottoms, our hair still needs to look presentable during work-related video calls. Here are four tips for keeping your curly hair straight at home.

4 At-Home Tips for Keeping Your Curly Hair Straight Between Salon Visits

Consult your stylist

Excessive heat can cause damage, which might leave your once bouncy curls permanently limp. Before you attempt straightening your hair at home, contact your stylist to confirm the tool(s) and temperature used on your hair.

If you’re maintaining a previously professionally straightened hairstyle, you’ll want to use a slightly lower temperature to touch up your roots and edges and keep your curly hair straight.

If you’re unable to contact your stylist or don’t have one who is familiar with your hair, just remember to not exceed 450°F as hair burns at that temperature.

Wrap your hair at night

Straight hair is fun, silky, and sometimes easier to style. Keeping your tresses smooth will require daily effort if your natural texture curly, kinky, or coiled. One way to keep your temporarily straightened style longer is to wrap your hair at night.

YouTube has plenty of video tutorials on how to wrap hair. The technique changes slightly depending on your hair length. Simply select the video that matches your hair type, length, or desired outcome for when you take your hair down.

Use satin at night

Wrapping your hair and using a satin scarf or bonnet is key to extending the shelf life of your temporarily straightened hair. Satin protects your hair from night time humidity. The breathable material also keeps your head cool.

If you don’t like wrapping your hair, consider a satin pillowcase. The ultra-smooth fibers also protect your edges – curly or straight – from breakage.

Use cotton in the shower

Showering can be your worst enemy when your hair is straightened. To minimize frizz and reversion due to water and humidity, first, wrap your hair in a cotton scarf and then cover it with a plastic shower cap. If the elastic from your shower cap is loose, use a ribbon to secure it to your head.

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