Hyperpigmentation: Hard To Say, Easy To Treat

Our body produces a pigment called melanin, which adds color to our skin, eyes, and hair. Under normal conditions, our body distributes melanin evenly on our skin. But due to injuries, sun damage, healed acne scars, and just simple aging, “hyper-pigmentation” occurs. Hyperpigmentation refers to unsightly dark spots on our skin. These spots occur because … Read more

What to Do After You Get Your Hair Chemically Straightened

Getting your hair chemically straightened can turn into a cautionary tale about home hair products and do-it-yourself chemical straighteners. But getting your hair straightened at a salon can leave you with hair that is sleek, shiny and healthy instead of burned and brittle. In order to keep your hair healthy and straight, most salons will … Read more

The Emotional Benefits of Massage

Massage therapy is usually associated with physical issues like strained muscles, poor posture, or severe stress causing tension in major muscle groups. It’s often tied to athletes, patients in need of physical therapy, or those with stressful desk jobs. While massage can certainly work wonders for physical symptoms and recovery after injuries, it can provide an emotional boost … Read more

Tired of Fighting With Your Curly Hair? Why Not Straighten it?

Hair straightening is a hair styling technique that flattens out curls, waves, or loops in hair, giving it a sleek, smooth look. This can be done in a variety of ways including using heat (hot combs, brushes, rollers, or electric straighteners) or chemicals (usually called ‘relaxers’). Some shampoos, conditioners, or gels can also give you this … Read more